Section I Oxidative Stress Metabolic Syndrome Obesity Diabetes and Uncoupling Proteins

Chapter 1

The Metabolic Syndrome Defined 3

Neil J. Stone and Jennifer Berliner

Chapter 2

The Metabolic Syndrome: The Question of Balance between the Pro-Inflammatory Effect of Macronutrients and the Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Insulin 15

Paresh Dandona, Ajay Chaudhuri, Priya Mohanty, and Husam Ghanim

Chapter 3

The Role of Oxidative Stress in Diseases Associated with

Overweight and Obesity 33

Ginger L. Milne, Ling Gao, Joshua D. Brooks, and Jason D. Morrow

Chapter 4

Metabolic Syndrome Due to Early Life Nutritional Modifications 47

Malathi Srinivasan, Paul Mitrani, and Mulchand S. Patel

Chapter 5

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in the Perinatal Period 71

Hiromichi Shoji, Yuichiro Yamashiro, and Berthold Koletzko

Chapter 6

Maternal Obesity, Glucose Intolerance, and Inflammation in Pregnancy 93

Janet C. King

Chapter 7

Obesity, Nutrigenomics, Metabolic Syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes 107

David Heber

Chapter 8

Post-Prandial Endothelial Dysfunction, Oxidative Stress, and

Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetes 123

Antonio Ceriello

Chapter 9

Obesity and Inflammation: Implications for Atherosclerosis 139

John Alan Farmer

Chapter 10

Oligomeric Composition of Adiponectin and Obesity 167

T. Bobbert and Joachim Spranger

Chapter 11

Insulin-Stimulated Reactive Oxygen Species and Insulin

Signal Transduction 177

Barry J. Goldstein, Kalyankar Mahadev, and Xiangdong Wu

Chapter 12

Intracellular Signaling Pathways and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors in Vascular Health in Hypertension and in Diabetes 195

Farhad Amiri, Karim Benkirane, and Ernesto L. Schiffrin

Chapter 13

Role of Uncoupling Protein 2 in Pancreatic p Cell Function:

Secretion and Survival 211

Jingyu Diao, Catherine B. Chan, and Michael B. Wheeler

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