Jingyu Diao Catherine B Chan and Michael B Wheeler


Abstract 211

Introduction 211

Regulatory Factors of UCP2 Expression in Pancreatic ß Cells 212

UCP2 Action in Insulin Secretion from Pancreatic ß Cells:

Role of ATP 216

UCP2 Action in ß Cell Mass and Survival:

Role of ATP and ROS Production 218

Conclusion 219

Acknowledgments 219

References 220


Uncoupling protein (UCP) 2 has been considered a negative modulator of insulin secretion. In response to stress stimuli such as hyperlipidemia and inflammation, the pancreatic p cell up-regulates UCP2 expression, which results in decreased insulin secretion. Fatty acids and superoxide regulate UCP2 activity. In addition to influencing insulin secretion, UCP2 may play a role in p cell survival and proliferation.


Regulation of cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production and rapid adjustments in ATP levels are essential for most cells during exposure to growth stimuli

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