Insulin Therapy

For short-term studies, insulin therapy is usually not necessary and diabetic mice can live for 4 wk after diagnosis without insulin treatment. For long-term studies, mice can be treated with long-acting insulins such as PZI Beef and Pork Insulin.

1. Treat NOD mice with PZI Beef and Pork Insulin 0.5-1 U/d or NPH. For NPH insulin, we use human recombinant insulin diluted in insulin diluent 1:10 administered at a dose of 0.125-1.00 U/d (0.1 mL) using a 27-gauge needle in a 0.5-mL insulin syringe (see Note 5).

2. Monitor mice carefully for 2- to 4-h intervals after their NPH insulin dose or 6-12 h after their PZI insulin and treat hypoglycemia with dextrose (200 mg/mL in sterile 0.85% sodium chloride) given as an ip injection.

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