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Day C. Amylin analogue as an antidiabetic agent. Br J Diabetes Vasc Dis 2005; 5: 151-4

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Melitus Type

Figure 153 Intact islet cells ready for islet cell transplantation. The islets are isolated from donated human pancreas, suspended during partial digestion and centrifuged in a cooled centrifuge. The retrieval of good quality islets from donor pancreases is critical to the success of islet cell transplantation

Edmonton ProtocolPortal Vein Venogram

Figure 154 Portal venogram showing the hepatic portal vein prior to administration of isolated human islets. In the Edmonton protocol, an adequate mass of freshly isolated islets are embolized for transplantation into the liver through a small catheter placed into the main portal vein. Novel immunosuppressive regimens, as outlined in the text, have led to an increased success rate of this experimental mode of therapy of diabetes

Pancreas Transplant Success Rate

Figure 155 Several pharmaceutical companies have developed inhaled short-acting insulin preparations using different technology and inhalation devices. One such product, Exubera® (Pfizer) has recently been granted marketing authorization by the European Commission and will shortly be available on prescription. Clinical studies have attested to an efficiency of inhaled insulin to control daytime blood glucose levels comparable to that of soluble insulin. Regulatory agencies have expressed concern about long-term pulmonary safety

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