Insulin secretion

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Insulin secretion is at the core of all metabolic processes governing the disposition of the nutrients glucose, amino acids, and fats either for immediate energy use or for storage. Insulin secretion is tightly integrated with the cycle of feeding and fasting, and can be considered from the aspect of whole-body physiology and the biochemical-molecular events occurring in the (-cells of the pancreatic islet.


During feeding, a complex interplay of neural, nutrient, hormonal, and chemical stimuli elicits insulin secretion (Fig. 3) [4-6]. The neural signals arise from visual and gustatory cues and augment insulin secretion largely by vagal parasympathetic pathways [4-7]. Vagal pathways may also modulate the brain's control of insulin secretion. The sympathetic arm of the autonomic nervous system

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Supplements For Diabetics

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