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When you discover that your child has diabetes, you will probably be very upset. Being a parent is hard work in the best of circumstances, and your child's diabetes will add a whole other dimension to being a parent. You will need to learn everything you can about diabetes in addition to all your other parenting duties. This may be overwhelming, but with patience and perseverance and the support of your child's diabetes care team, you will be able to help your child manage the disease so that he or she can have the disease but still do all a child needs to do. Your child's diabe

tes care team (ideally a pediatric endocrinologist, diabetes educator, nutritionist, and psychologist) will help you, your child, and your family learn the following survival skills for managing the diabetes:

• How to monitor the glucose levels

• How to recognize and treat low and high glucose levels

• How to adjust insulin and/or oral medications for foods and exercise

• How to treat the diabetes when your child is ill

• How to involve other family members, other caregivers, and the staff at your child's school

• How to transfer responsibilities as your child grows up

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