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Elderly people living in board and care and nursing facilities may have additional challenges regarding their diabetes management. They may have to rely on caregiv-ers to check their glucose levels and administer their diabetes medications. They may not have control over their meals. The staff may have limited understanding of diabetes management—because type 2 diabetes is so much more common, people tend not to remember that older individuals can have type 1 diabetes. These type 1 patients may not get adequate insulin bolus for their meals. Due to limited supervision, sophisticated insulin basal-bolus regimens may not be realistic, and some level of control may have to be sacrificed for safety. In these situations, insulin injections once or twice a day may have to suffice.

I would encourage family members to remain actively engaged in helping manage their elderly relative's diabetes care, and with their physician, carefully devise recommendations for the nursing staff in the residential home.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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