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This product was authored and created by Ben Green. This guy is a nutritionist and a consultant in matters regarding nutrition and health. With time, he has evolved into a fitness coach, author and also a bio hacker. His work was inspired by the observance of his chronological age being younger than the biological age. The man realized that at the age of 30-yeasr, his body functioned like that of a 20-year old boy. This product has the powerful protocols that am sure will change your life for good. The author realized that even the most influential well-being article only focuses on the physical fitness and nothing else. This eBook is designed to provide you a complete well-being evolution which covers beauty, fitness, health and longevity. It is an 8 week protocol with all the details that teaches you about the important parameters that adds to your longevity. The program has all the details to help you find out your current fitness level and later discover powerful practices that will break out your metabolism. Read more...

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This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Super Longevity

It would clutter the planet. Are evolutionary forces at work preventing this But we have never cluttered the planet yet. So how could evolutionary forces have learned to establish death to prevent overpopulation Living to age 140 is not living forever. Wisdom comes with age. Wisdom would serve our society well. Perhaps wisdom is needed more than ever for humans to survive. Part of the human tragedy is war. Wisdom gathered from a knowledge of history, might help end wars But history can't be gathered and understood in less than 100 years. If centenarians can't think well or express themselves, their perspectives are lost. Longevity seems a very useful trait if only it were accompanied by health

Comprehensive Risk Reduction of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the Diabetic Patient An Integrated Approach

The Egyptians recognized diabetes as a pathologic entity nearly 3500 years ago. It was noted to be a rare condition but was known to reduce longevity. The condition now defined as type 2 diabetes is seen worldwide and has reached epidemic proportions. By the year 2025, the number of individuals with diabetes mellitus in the world is expected to exceed 300 million with a prevalence of 5.4 1 . Diabetes continues to affect a substantial proportion of adults in the United States. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Enhancement Survey 1999-2000 indicate that 8.3 of persons over the age of 20 years have either diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes, and this percentage increases to 19.2 for persons aged more than 60 years in the United States. Men and women are affected similarly by diabetes 2 . In 1999-2000, an additional 6.1 of adults had impaired fasting glucose tolerance, increasing to 14.4 for persons aged more than 60 years and with a greater incidence in men than in women 3 ....

Diabetesinduced Neuropathology

Radicular pathology in experimental diabetes was first reported by Tamura and Parry (36) and has subsequently been confirmed with remarkable agreement by others in both streptozotocin-diabetic and galactose-fed rats (28,34,37-39). The structural abnormality is focused on the myelin sheath and occurs in the context of marked interstitial oedema in both roots, although it is more frequent in the dorsal root. The earliest change consists of myelin splitting at the intraperiod line progressing to often-spectacular myelin ballooning. At this stage, strands of tubulovesicular myelin debris span the intramyelinic space and intratubal macrophages are sometimes observed stripping away myelin lamellae. There is minimal axonal degeneration associated with this myelin defect, suggesting that this lesion is a primary Schwann cell defect. Similar radicular pathology has been described in aged rodents (40), leading to the suggestion that its earlier appearance in experimental diabetes represents an...

Counterregulatory Mechanisms

Because many physiological processes alter with advancing age in humans, it is important to determine whether the ageing process per se may affect the nature and efficacy of the glucose counter-regulatory response to hypoglycaemia. In non-diabetic elderly subjects, a study of the counter-regulatory hormonal responses to hypoglycaemia induced by an intravenous infusion of insulin suggested that diminished secretion of growth hormone and cortisol is a feature of advanced age (Marker, Cryer and Clutter 1992), and a modest impairment of hormonal counter-regulatory secretion was present with some attenuation of the blood glucose recovery (Marker et al 1992). Insulin clearance was reduced, as was the secretion of gluca-gon, while the release of adrenaline was delayed, and these changes were unaffected by preceding physical training, suggesting that they were not related to a sedentary lifestyle (Marker et al 1992). However, a study using the hyperinsulinaemic glucose clamp technique has...

Space Age Implantable Insulin Pumps

Zaccari's pump was computerized and allowed him to have more precise control of his blood glucose. He knew how important this control was, since his mother, brother, and sister had died from the complications of their diabetes. Having his pump meant he could live a more normal life and avoid their fate. Today, this Baltimore resident, nicknamed the Iron Man for his strength and longevity, still takes daily walks and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for diabetes research. He believes he could not have done this without his implantable insulin pump.

Cognitive Functioning

Early research in cognitive functioning focused on type 2 diabetes as a theoretical model of accelerated aging e.g., Kent (101) but, more recently, there has been interest in potential changes in cognition that might make patient adherence to treatment more difficult (102). Both chronically elevated high blood sugars and recurrent low blood sugar levels have the potential to independently contribute to cognitive dysfunction, for example through changes to the blood-brain barrier transport of glucose. Verbal learning and memory skills may be especially disrupted in type 2 diabetes, but mainly for patients older than 60 years of age (103-105). Other cognitive skills, such as attention, executive function, and psychomotor efficiency, were less affected. Although most research on cognition in diabetes has been conducted with type 1 patients, studies show that middle-aged type 2 individuals are apparently protected, insofar as researchers have only infrequently reported learning and memory...

Georgia Allergies and Sinusitis

Every living creature ages, and age is characterized by less biological efficiency and an accelerated breakdown of tissue and normal biochemical processes. When tissues break down white blood cells are mobilized to clean up, in a manner of speaking, the biological dust. The aging process

Why Diabetes Is A Problem In Elderly People

With increasing longevity, this age group, which currently represents 11 of the population, will increase to approximately 20 by the year 2021 (Lipson 1986). Globally, obesity and sedentary lifestyle are resulting in more people developing diabetes and vascular disease, and this is affecting the developing countries, minority groups and disadvantaged communities within industrialized countries particularly rapidly (Harris et al 1998 IDF Asian-Pacific Type 2 Diabetes Policy Group 1999 King and Rewers 1993). Thus demands on healthcare resources will continue to rise among diabetic persons who are 65 years and over.

Red Wine to Defy Aging

New evidence from two studies suggests that resveratrol can slow the aging process. In one from Harvard University, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, middle-aged mice were fed a high-fat diet. Some were also given resveratrol while others were not. Those given resveratrol were less likely to die early.

Vitamin E and Alzheimers Disease

Hazardous free radicals, which go out of control when people fail to consume enough antioxidants, were implicated in the aging process back in 1954. Their role in damaging genes and cells is now generally accepted in medicine, and many Alzheimer's disease researchers believe that free radicals play a major role in the cognitive decline and behavioral changes characteristic of this disease.

What are the up to date results of the pancreatic islet transplantations

In any case, until the methods of islet isolation are perfected and this protocol has been sufficiently carried out, islet transplantation should still be considered an experimental method of treatment, since the longevity of the transplanted islets is at present poor (up to five years).

What Else Might Help

High levels of two hormones, insulin and cortisol, appear to speed the aging process. Insulin is usually regarded as the hormone needed to burn blood sugar, but it is actually a primary anabolic hormone that can increase either muscle or fat. Elevated insulin levels seem to speed the aging process and increase the risk of coronary artery disease. A diet relatively low in refined sugars and carbohydrates, such as

Neuropathic Foot

Autonomic Neuropathy The Foot

Monofilaments were tested using a calibrated load cell. Each monofilament was subjected to 10 mechanical bucklings of 10 mm while the load cell detected the maximal buckling force. Longevity testing was performed on a subset of the monofilaments by subjecting them to continuous compression until the buckling force was less than 9 g. Longevity and recovery testing suggest that each monofilament would survive usage on 10 patients before needing a recovery time of 24 h before further usage.


Obesity in childhood is a major public health problem as it increases the risks of developing a number of health conditions and diseases (Table 1). These comorbidities have been associated with the increased mortality rates attributed to obesity. The number of deaths associated with obesity in the United States has been reported to be as high as over 430,000 per annum, a number that exceeds that attributed to smoking (20), though others reported a lower death rate, 112,000 of obesity-attributable deaths (21). The actual death rate prevalence of obesity continues to be debated (22-24) though there is a general agreement that the impact of this disease is enormous. Recently, Olshansk et al. suggested that in the 21st century, American obese children may die before their parents due to a potential decline in life expectancy (22). Obesity decreases longevity, a 7- to 8-year loss of lifespan in 40-year-old nonsmoker individuals and a 13- to 14-year less lifespan in smokers (25) when...


Renal transplantation offers diabetic patients an improved quality of life and longevity. Metabolic risk factors can be exacerbated by the immunosuppresion needed to minimise graft rejection. Dietary advice to limit post-transplant weight gain should be given along with advice aimed at meeting protein requirements, improving glycaemic control and hyperlipidaemia and reducing the risk of metabolic bone disease. The impact of this type of dietary advice on overall morbidity and mortality remains to be fully evaluated.

What Is Diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by chronic elevated levels of blood sugar (glucose) and insulin. Glucose is the body's principal fuel, and insulin helps shuttle it into cells where it is burned for energy. However, high glucose levels are toxic to the kidneys, and diabetes is associated with a significantly increased risk of heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, blindness, and other diseases. In essence, diabetes accelerates the aging process, so diseases associated with old age occur during middle age.

Future Trends

In most societies, demographic changes will mainly account for this, with projected large increases in the proportion of elderly people among whom diabetes is particularly prevalent. Higher prevalence rates will also result from lifestyle changes and the further adoption of habits that increase susceptibility to diabetes. These issues are discussed in more detail in Chapter 2. In some countries at least, improved surveillance and detection of diabetes, together with improved longevity for people with established diabetes, will further increase prevalence rates.

Oxygen Free Radicals

Oxygen free radicals, formed as a by-product of many chemical reactions in the body, wreak havoc wherever they go. Normally, the body has ways of quenching free radicals. But smoke, air pollution, diet, and even genetics can contribute to the formation of excessive amounts of free radicals, which the body cannot always handle. Uncontrolled, the reactive molecules can destroy the body's own cells as well as bacteria. Oxygen free radicals contribute significantly to the aging process and to the development of several other diseases. Researchers have implicated free radicals in the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease, a degenerative neuromuscular disease.


Chromium depletion can lead to symptoms including increased blood cholesterol, problems with sugar metabolism, fatigue, an increased accumulation of plaque in the aorta, increased blood pressure, anxiety, impaired physical growth in the young, slower healing time after surgery or injury, atherosclerosis, decreased glucose tolerance, reduced conversion of thyroxine to triiodothyronine in the periphery, and possibly decreased fertility and longevity.


As longevity and the median age at diagnosis of type 2 diabetes increase, the justification for an upper age cut-off for inclusion in studies becomes less compelling. Although the inclusion of older patients is sometimes difficult because of concomitant age-related conditions, every effort should be made to ensure that there is no clearly defined sub-group of the relevant diabetic population that is excluded from a study simply on grounds of age, unless good reasons can be given.


Peritonitis is also the most common complication and the major cause of hospitali-zation, whereas recurrent episodes of peritonitis were the leading cause in two-thirds of the permanent transfers to HD and the main cause of catheter replacement in two-thirds of all cases (10). On the other hand, frequent severe peritonitis episodes may contribute to peritoneal membrane permeability alterations and UF loss, which in association with the higher incidence of comorbid factors, may result in a shortened CAPD longevity.

Genetic Factors

Pathogenic mechanisms which contribute to the glucose intolerance of aging include alterations in glucose-induced insulin release and resistance to insulin-mediated glucose disposal. Early investigations suggested that glucose-induced insulin release was normal in the elderly. However, more recent studies enrolling large numbers of carefully characterized healthy young and old subjects have demonstrated definable alterations in glucose-induced insulin release in the aged (lozzo et al 1999 Muller et al 1996). Of note, the magnitude of the decrement in insulin secretion is more apparent in response to oral than to intravenous glucose (Muller et al 1996). This may be due, in part, to a decreased beta-cell response to the incretin hormones glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1). However, numerous studies have demonstrated that the most important pathogenic mechanism underlying the glucose intolerance of aging is resistance to...


This also highlights the relatively consistent results of research that has looked at the ego development of children and adolescents with diabetes. Several studies have found that more mature ego development (impulse control, moral development, quality of interpersonal relations) is associated with better control of diabetes, both cross-sectionally35'36, and in a 4 year prospective longitudinal study37. Furthermore, mature ego development has also been associated with better metabolic control and higher self-esteem38. With recent research indicating that ego strength (dependability, trust, lack of impulsivity) is associated with longevity and protective health behaviours39 this is clearly an area worth further investigating.

Healthful Habits

Shortened, much like the life of a domestic steer's. Does a captive animal learn from seeing its companion disappear It does nothing to escape its fate. Should we accept our fate with the same docility None of us can remember how things were in precivilized times. We are eager to believe the present is the best time that has ever been. The steer, too, has its feed provided, its water provided, its shelter for the night provided, seemingly the best time it ever had. Perhaps the price we pay for civilization, like the steer's price, is simply too high. There must be other ways. As a society, we should search for our lost longevity.

Staying Young

Staying Young

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