When you have just been diagnosed your diabetes care team should

• Give you a full medical examination.

• Work with you to agree a care plan which suits you and includes diabetes management goals. This may take the form ofa personal record for you to keep.

• Arrange for you to talk with a diabetes specialist nurse or practice nurse who will explain what diabetes is and discuss your individual treatment and the equipment you will need to use.

• Arrange for you to talk with a dietitian who will assess your current eating habits and advise on how to fit your usual diet in with your diabetes.

• Tell you about your diabetes and the beneficial effects of a healthy diet, exercise and good diabetes control.

• Discuss the effects of diabetes on your job, driving, insurance, prescription charges and, if you are a driver, whether you need to inform the DVLA or your insurance company.

• Provide you with regular and appropriate information and education.

• Give you information about your local voluntary diabetes groups.

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