Animal Studies Of Renal Autoregulation In Diabetes Mellitus

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Several studies in streptozotocin diabetic rats and dogs have suggested that hyperglycaemia induces impaired autoregulation of RBF and GFR [52,58-60]. Changes in vasoactive hormone activities have been suggested to contribute to impaired renal autoregulation [61,62]. Furthermore, a rise in growth hormones in diabetic patients induces glomerular structural changes, which may change the regulation of GFR [63]. Diabetic autoregulation impairment develops over time [58,59], but impaired afferent arteriolar contraction during increased renal arterial pressure can occur in the early course of experimental diabetes [52,64]. Furthermore diabetes has been shown to impair TGF response [60,65]. Other investigators have however shown preserved [66] or even enhanced autoregulatory ability (shift of the autoregulation range to the left (fig. 1)) in rats with short time diabetes [67].

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