Diabetes and Its Relationship to Pancreatic Carcinoma

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The link between pancreatic cancer (PC) and diabetes mellitus is recognized, however controversy still exists because no criteria have been established for the efficient selection of a high-risk group among patients with diabetes mellitus. Regulation of endocrine cell mass is thought to have a central role in the pathogenesis of both diseases. The processes that operate during pancreatic adaptation to a changing hormonal milieu are important in pancreatic carcinogenesis. There is evidence that somatostatin and its receptors are fundamental regulators of endocrine cell mass and are involved in islet tumorigenesis [57].

A hospital-based case-control study revealed that cigarette smoking, family history of PC, heavy alcohol consumption (>60 ml ethanol/day) and diabetes mellitus are significant risk factors for PC. The significant synergy between these risk factors suggests a common pathway for carcinogenesis of the pancreas [58].

Because of the poorly understood temporal association between diabetes melli-tus and PC, a research group at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minn., USA [59] compared temporal patterns in diabetes prevalence in PC and controls. Diabetes has a high prevalence in PC and frequently is now onset. Longstanding type 2 diabetes increases the risk of PC by approximately 50%. Furthermore, there seems to be a positive association between obesity and PC [60]. However, as the mechanisms for these associations remain speculative, further studies are deserved. Above all, there is an urgent need for the identification of specific biomarkers for PC-induced diabetes, which may allow screening for PC in new-onset diabetes.

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