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When I see a patient new to me who has had diabetes for some time, I am amazed at the lack of knowledge of many fundamental areas of their disease. You would think that they would want to know anything that might help them to live more comfortably and avoid complications.

So much is going on in the field of diabetes that I have trouble keeping up with it, and it's my specialty. How can you expect to know when doctors come up with the major advances that will cure your diabetes? The answer is lifelong learning. After you get past the shock of the diagnosis, you are ready to learn. This book contains a lot of basic stuff that you need to know. You can even take a good course in diabetes. Then you need to keep learning. Go to meetings of the local diabetes association. Become a member of the American Diabetes Association and get its terrific magazine called Diabetes Forecast, which usually contains the state of the art. Go to the Web sites that I discuss in Appendix C.

I assume you want to learn or you would not have bought this book. (You did buy it, didn't you? It should sit on your shelf right next to your dictionary and your encyclopedia.)

Remember that a lot of misinformation is available on the Web, so you must be careful to check out a recommendation before you start to follow it (see Chapter 17). Even information on reliable sites may not be right for your particular problem.

Above all, never stop learning! The next thing you learn may be the one that will cure you.

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