Avoiding Illegal Drugs

C Drugs like cocaine, heroin, speed, and marijuana are not just illegal; they are especially harmful for the person with diabetes for several reasons:

i Some make you excessively hungry, and you take in too many calories.

i All cause you to lose your awareness of hypoglycemia so you don't treat it.

i All cause a loss of judgment that results in the failure to take medications, eat properly, and exercise.

i Some cause a reduced insulin response to food so you become hyperglycemic.

i Some cause you to lose your appetite so you become hypoglycemic and malnourished with vitamin deficiencies.

Not a lot of valid information is available about each illegal drug's impact on diabetes, because we cannot do studies where these drugs are given to one group of diabetics while a control group takes a placebo. But we do know the following:

i Marijuana (grass, weed, bud, cannabis) causes increased appetite, which results in taking in too many calories.

i Amphetamine (speed, Dex, crank) and ecstasy (derived from amphetamine and also called MDMA, E, X, adam, bean, and roll) increase the body's metabolic rate, resulting in hypoglycemia because the user often does not eat properly and is unaware of the onset of low blood glucose.

i Cocaine (coke, snow, nose candy, dust, toot) and freebase cocaine

(crack, rock) lead to food deprivation, increased metabolism and caloric needs, and vitamin deficiency.

i Heroin (dope, junk, smack) is similar to cocaine but has additional risks associated with injections, such as infection.

Do you need any more reason to get high on exercise rather than drugs?

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