Special Issues for People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes you need to be careful of certain things. Your Feet

All people with diabetes need to take extra-special care of their feet. Neuropathy (one of the long-term complications of diabetes that affects the nerves in your feet) may affect your ability to sense minor trauma. This can be compounded by decreased circulation and structural changes of the foot. Even minor repetitive trauma from weight bearing and poorly fitting shoes can lead to abrasions, blisters, and callus formation. Penetrating infections can spread from the skin to the bones, and this can lead to the need for an amputation.

To protect your feet, you need to inspect them before and after exercise. If you have neuropathy, be aware that you may not be able to feel the rubbing of a poorly fitting shoe or of a pebble in your sneaker. Therefore, visual inspection is critical. Wear seamless "tube" socks, and wear walking shoes with good cush ioning to absorb the impact. With appropriate foot gear and some caution, most people with diabetes can participate in a wide variety of exercises.

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