Team Definition

The 'gold standard' is a clearly defined team assisting diabetes self-management. Most teams work under the auspices of a physician or nurse practitioner to meet standards of care and for reimbursement. Diabetes care is often symptom-focused, and managed according to the acute presenting symptoms—this is the medical model. However, education is now viewed as an ongoing strategy, helping people to manage their diabetes with continuous, proactive, planned care (13). Patient-centered care is now more appropriate than provider-centered care (14). Numerous publications now support a chronic disease model for diabetes and there is evidence to support team care as an effective method of chronic disease management for diabetes (13). The benefits of a team approach have been well-documented (15). "The role of the health care provider is to deliver appropriate treatment, including comprehensive medical care (prevention, detection, treatment of acute and chronic conditions related to diabetes) AND self-management educations, including medical nutrition therapy, directed toward helping the person with diabetes make informed choices regarding self care (16)."

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