Process Of Team Education

The gold standard, based on insurance reimbursement, is a coordinated team, often physician-led and nurse/dietitian supported. The role of the diabetes educator is recognized as an integral part of the instructional team. A 'diabetes educator' is defined as any qualified health professional, CDE, or clinical diabetes specialist involved in the education process. Some patients with complications require a more intense application of resources, increasing the cost per visit, amount of physician and allied health professional's time, and variety of initiatives needed to improve healthcare (12). This involves a move from recording simple vitals and giving a pamphlet, to complex patient education and counseling. Norris et al. suggest that behavior-change strategies were 'more effective' than a didactic approach when combined with healthcare provider adjustments and reinforcement of educational messages (1). In summary, the goal of diabetes team management is to individualize care and treatment, maximizing adherence. The diabetes educator clinician role emerges from this. The educator role convenes and coordinates the following team services: clinical, educational coordinating, consultating, and advocacy roles.

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