Pathophysiology Of Hypertension Is Different In Type And Type Diabetes

There are substantial differences in the causes of hypertension in T1DM and T2DM. In patients with T1DM diabetic nephropathy appears to be the most common cause of hypertension (13). A strong family history of essential hypertension and diabetes mellitus appears to identify those people with T1DM who are most likely to develop renal disease and hypertension (14). Probably an equal number of people with T2DM develop renal disease (15) but hypertension often occurs with normal renal function associated with obesity or older age. Various hypotheses have been suggested to account for the increased prevalence of hypertension particularly in T2DM patients (16). Hypertension may be related, in part to central obesity and increased sympathetic nervous system stimulation and catecholamine production observed in diabetics (16). It is now generally believed that essential hypertension is a part of the insulin resistance syndrome (17), and that hypertension precedes the development of T2DM in a considerable number of patients (18).

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