Patients who have lost protective pain sensation need to protect their feet from mechanical, thermal and chemical trauma. They should compensate for lack of protective pain sensation by establishing a habit of regular inspection of the feet so that problems can be detected quickly and help sought sufficiently early. It is important to educate Stage 2 patients to avoid trauma as far as possible. Patients who go away on holiday are particularly prone to develop foot problems and need special advice. Dry skin resulting from neuropathy should be treated with an emollient such as E45 cream or Calmurid cream.

Anti-Aging Report

Anti-Aging Report

When people generally think about anti-aging, they tend to think about the visible signs of wear and tear, those tell-tale wrinkles, age spots and their developing jowls. No-one wants to get old, let alone feel and look older than their years and anti-aging treatments are becoming so sought after by both men and women that the skincare market is colossal, but what really works?

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