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NIH 1990 Rotterdam 2003

FIGURE 4 Prediction of MBS by different PCOS definitions. In a German cohort of 524 PCOS patients, the classic 1990 NIH criteria hyperandrogenism (H) and chronic anovulation (C), either with or without PCO (P) predict MBS in comparison to an age-matched control group, while mild PCOS included by using the 2003 Rotterdam criteria (PCO and only one of either hyperandrogenism or chronic anovulation) does not. Abbreviations: *p <0.01; **p <0.001; ns, not significant.

weight), and fitness (> 150 min of physical activity per week) are probably appropriate but difficult to reach (137). Early identification of IGT and T2DM is important, and screening has indeed been recommended by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists for all PCOS patients 30 years or older (84). As there is no specific treatment of the MBS, its components should be treated individually according to the current guidelines for dyslipidemia, hypertension and diabetes. Insulin sensitizers, especially metformin, are promising, but their usefulness in the prevention of T2DM and CVD has not yet been shown in long-term studies.

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