Cigolini (26)

" I Adipocytes, rat

In vivo

Hyperglycemia after injury

Frayn (47)

" I Muscle strips, DM,N

In vitro

Effect only in insulin resistant subjects

Galuska (48,49)

" I Adipocytes, rat

In vitro/in vivo

Stimulation of GLUT1 and GLUT4 translocation

Matthaei (31,32)

" I L6 myotubes

In vitro

Stimulation of GLUT1 but not GLUT4 translocation

Hundal (50)

" I Muscle, mouse

In vivo

Streptozotocin, no effect in non-diabetic animals

Bailey (51)

" I Muscle, rat

In vitro

Alloxan diabetes, no effect in non-diabetic animals

Frayn (52)

" Bl Adipocytes, rat

In vitro

Prevention of GLUT4 down -regulation

Kozka (53)

" Bl Myotubes, humans

In vitro

Stronger effect with 25 mM versus 5mM glucose

Sarabia (54)

NC Adipocytes, DM

In vitro

Diabetes Sustenance

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