Hc Pmw P

6 mo

9 wks

4 wks 6 wks

12 wks

12 wks

20 HC M. Measurements 6 wks before and after diet

Lichtenstein et al. (2002)

35 days

Isoflavone supplementation

Lipids and lipoproteins

Textured soy protein 75 g/d textured soy protein

3 treatments - 55.6 mg/d, or 90mg/d in soy protein, or casein

32 mg/d in soymilk compared to cows' milk 38, 57, 76 or 95 mg/d in soy/casein protein

60 g isolated soy protein

42 g/d protein: milk, alcohol-extracted soy, or soy with 80 mg/d isoflavones Soy flour, soy beans and soy bean sprouts replacing 30% of total protein intake (but lower in cholesterol)

10 or 73 mg/d in soymilk and soy foods (tofu, burgers etc.) or control dairy and egg protein diet

46.21 mg/d in soy protein or isoflavone-enriched animal protein, versus isoflavone-depleted soy protein or animal protein

| in non-HDL-C t in HDL-C | in T-C and LDL NC in TAG or HDL-C | T-C and LDL-C | in T-C and non-HDL-C NC in HDL-C or TAG | in T-C, LDL-C, and LDL-C:HDL-C ratio | LDL-C and T-C NC in HDL-C or TAG | in T-C, LDL-C, and TAG. NC in HDL-C

| in T-C, T-C:HDL-C ratio, and LDL-C to HDL-C ratio | in LDL-C

| T-C, LDL-C, and TAG and f HDL-C after soy protein but NC after isoflavones

Tonstad et al. (2002)

192mg/d in soy protein drink or casein/milk drink

| in T-C and LDL-C in both groups, but decrease greater in soy group

NC in HDL-C or TAG

| in T-C and LDL-C in both soy groups

NC in HDL-C or TAG

Isoflavone supplementation normal and hypercholesterolaemic subjects

Hodgson et al. (1998)

46 middle-aged M and 13

8 wks

55 mg/d in tablets

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