What about doing a YAG

There is no clear consensus on whether performing YAG laser capsulotomy can stir up retinopathy. It probably does not have much of an effect but, as usual, there are never any guarantees. If you have to do a lot of hacking and slashing with the YAG you may cause enough inflammation to affect the retina, especially if the patient has already had complicated cataract surgery. It probably makes sense to put diabetics on some sort of anti-inflammatory drop around the time of the laser—more laser or more preexisting damage may mean more topical therapy.

Perhaps the most important thing is to not talk yourself into doing a YAG on "trace" capsular opacities when the patient is dropping to 20/50 from subtle macular edema that you are missing. Never give up your fundamental job of looking for all the potential causes of vision loss.

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