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Conversion Charts & Ingredient Equivalents

The measurements and temperatures used in these recipes are for the cook based in the USA. I've included conversion charts to help you convert the recipe ingredient measurements to those you would normally use, wherever you happen to be based.

I've also included an Oven Temperature Conversion chart.

Following these conversion charts you'll find a list of US food terms and their equivalent in the UK. Some of these foods are ingredients for recipes in this book.

Tip: If you are not sure what an ingredient is, do an image search for it in Google: Google Image Search

Ingredient Measurement Abbreviations Used

tsp = Teaspoon

c = Cup

l = Liter

tbsp = Tablespoon

pt = Pint

g = Gram

oz = Ounce

qt = Quart

lb = Pound

sm = small

lg = large

med = medium

Liquid Measures

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