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NBF, see Nerve blood flow NCV, see Nerve conduction velocity NDF, see Neuropathy Disability Score Nerve biopsy, neuropathy diagnostics, 284 Nerve blood flow (NBF)

diabetic neuropathy role, 70-72 reduction in neuropathy, 70, 71 Nerve conduction velocity (NCV), neuropathy diagnostics, 280-282 Nerve growth factor (NGF)

diabetic neuropathy expression, 238 neuropathy protection, 43 streptozotocin-induced diabetes studies, 160 therapeutic prospects, 329, 330 Neurofilament deficient mouse studies, 59, 60 structure, 59 Neuropathic pain, see Painful neuropathy Neuropathic pain scale, pain assessment, 355 Neuropathy Disability Score (NDS) modified score, 278, 279 overview, 277, 278 Neuropen, foot ulceration risk assessment, 279, 280

Neurotrophin-3 (NT-3), diabetic neuropathy expression, 238 Neurovascular response, diabetics, 263-265 NF-kB, see Nuclear factor-KB NGF, see Nerve growth factor NHE-1, see Sodium/proton exchanger-1 Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) diabetic nerve response, 217 endothelial dysfunction in diabetes, 261 erectile dysfunction pathophysiology, 459, 460 Nitrosative stress apoptosis in diabetic neuropathy, 117, 118 diabetic neuropathy pathogenesis, 42, 76-78, 100 NMDA receptors, spinal cord studies in diabetes, 179 NOS, see Nitric oxide synthase NT-3, see Neurotrophin-3 Nuclear factor-KB (NF-kB) diabetes activation, 41, 232 oxidative stress and diabetic neuropathy pathogenesis, 80, 81 reporter studies in transgenic mice, 61

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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