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Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF)

microvascular dysfunction assessment, 266 nerve blood flow, 209, 210, 219, 220 Laser Doppler perfusion imager (LDPI), microvascular dysfunction assessment, 266-268

LDF, see Laser Doppler flowmetry LDPI, see Laser Doppler perfusion imager Learning and memory, see Diabetic encephalopathy Levitra®, see Vardenafil

Lidocaine, painful neuropathy management, 361 y-Linolenic acid, antioxidant therapy in diabetic neuropathy, 325 a-Lipoic acid antioxidant therapy in diabetic neuropathy, 324, 325

cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy management, 402, 403 painful neuropathy management, 357 Lipoxygenase, oxidative stress and diabetic neuropathy pathogenesis, 81, 82 Living skin equivalent, foot ulcer management, 492, 493

Loperamide, diarrhea management in diabetes, 444 Lower limb diabetic neuropathy clinical features, 370, 371 electrophysiology, 371 multifocal diabetic neuropathy, 373, 374 pathological aspects, 372-374

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