Series Editors Introduction

Diabetes is becoming a pandemic that affects not only developed countries but developing countries as well. As a result, there is also a dramatic increase in long-term diabetes complications, including diabetic nephropathy. The fact that 50% of the patients undergoing dialysis also have diabetes is further proof of the seriousness of the situation.

In The Diabetic Kidney, we are honored to collaborate with two distinguished clinicians and researchers, Drs. Pedro Cortes and Carl Eric Mogensen, who have edited an excellent book on diabetic nephropathy that greatly increases the scientific impact of the "Contemporary Diabetes" series. Drs. Cortes and Mogensen have assembled a stellar group of contributors who discuss the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of diabetic kidney disease. Readers can achieve a clear understanding of the progress that has been made regarding the pathogenesis of the disease along with the therapeutic interventions to prevent its development or to treat clinical diabetic nephropathy.

I have no doubt that The Diabetic Kidney will be of value not only to practicing clinicians but also to researchers in this field. Therefore, I sincerely thank the editors for their efforts to produce this book and also the contributors for the excellent chapters. I have no doubt that The Diabetic Kidney can become a reference text that has a major impact on our efforts to improve the lives of diabetic patients with kidney disease.

Aristidis Veves, md Series Editor

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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