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HBP. See Hexosamine biosynthesis pathway

(HBP) Health literacy functional, 386

Heart attack. See Acute myocardial infarction Heart failure anemia, 537-541, 539t postmyocardial infarction, 444-445 Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation

(HOPE), 354, 446, 507 HEMO. See Hemodialysis study Hemodialysis community, 392 complications, 460-462 diabetes cardiac findings, 423t cardiac interventions, 424t deaths, 421t end-stage renal disease, 453-466 malnutrition, 428 metabolic control, 428 survival, 464-466 technique, 464-466 vascular access, 462 Hemodialysis (HEMO) study, 459 Hemoglobin, 541 Hepatitis C, 388 Hepatocyte growth factor, 240f Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), 43f, 225248

acute renal failure, 231-232 albuminuria, 240-241 anti-fibrotic effect, 232-234, 233f,

242-246 bioactivity, 226-229 chronic allograft nephropathy, 246t chronic renal disease, 246t c-Met, 245f cycrosporine nephropathy, 246t diabetic glomerulopathy, 235f herb tea nephropathy, 246t mesangial proliferative glomerulo-

nephritis, 246t myofibroblast cell death, 242-243 nephrotic syndrome, 232, 246t obstructive nephropathy, 232-234, 246t organ repair and development, 228229

physiological ligand, 234-236 recombinant, 50-51 renal dysfunction, 241 renal growth and repair, 229-231, 230f renal hypertension, 246t renotrophic roles, 229-234, 231t specificity, 243-244 therapeutic potential, 236-242 clinical outcomes, 239-241 glomerular injury, 236-239, 237f-238f molecular basis, 241-242 tubular and interstitial injury, 239 tissue fibrosis, 244f tissue repair, 228 ultrafiltered, 42-43, 44f Hexosamine biosynthesis pathway (HBP), 117-130, 119f altered cell signaling, 124-125 altered gene expression, 121-128 Glc, 127f nephropathy, 120-121 oxidative stress, 121-122 protein O-glycosylation, 122 Sp1, 126, 126f transcription factor, 122-124 Heymann nephritis, 73 HGF. See Hepatocyte growth factor High-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1), 139 Hispanics, 381

end-stage renal disease, 378f HIV. See Human immunodeficiency virus HMGB1. See High-mobility group box 1 HOPE. See Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation

HOT. See Hypertension Optimal Treatment Human diabetic kidney disease molecular level, 280-281 Human diabetic nephropathy structure, 361-371 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), 388 Hypercalciuria, 264-265 Hyperglycemia mRNA translation, 105 Hyperinsulinemia, 108, 504-505 mRNA translation, 105 Hypertension, 404, 408, 425, 499-509 ACE inhibitors, 506-507 angiotensin receptor blocker, 507508

dialysis-associated, 461-462 endothelial dysfunction, 519-522 lifestyle modifications, 409t microcirculatory dysfunction, 520521

microvascular dysfunction, 520f treatment, 506-509 Hypertension Optimal Treatment (HOT), 506, 508


one system blockade, 406-407 Hypotension dialysis-associated, 461, 461t intradialytic managing, 461t

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