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The roles of glucose transporters in renal glucose metabolism and DN have been little investigated, in part as a result of the recent discovery of numerous new glucose transporter isoforms over the last 10 yr. Renal glucose transporters continue to be identified and characterized. Information on the GLUT1 isoform suggests it could play an important role in the development of diabetic nephropathy. Studies in humans also indicate there are GLUT1 susceptibility alleles that increase the risk for nephropathy in diabetic patients. Data suggesting a role for glucose transporters in nondiabetic renal disease is more preliminary, although potentially very important as it could broaden the role of glucose transporters in the pathogenesis of renal disease. Future investigations of the more recently discovered renal glucose transporters will enhance our understanding of their roles in DN. Finally, future investigations of glucose transport inhibitors hold potential promise for new therapies to prevent and treat diabetic, and possibly even some nondiabetic kidney diseases.

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Diabetes 2

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