Antifibrotic Mechanisms Common To Parenchymal Organs

Thus far, we have discussed how HGF prevents or improves renal fibrosis in DN and other CRDs. We have also accumulated evidence that HGF is anti-fibrotic in other chronic nonrenal diseases, such as liver cirrhosis (66,105), pulmonary fibrosis (67,103), cardiomyopathy (108), and scleroderma (109), thus suggesting common mechanisms of fibrosis and its counteraction. Hyperplasia of interstitial myofibroblasts is the common denominator in multiple tissues, and the degree of myofibroblast hyperplasia reflects the severity and course of fibrosis in diseases including the kidney (110), liver (111), and lung (112). To understand the extensive actions of HGF, we will further discuss the role of HGF in myofibroblastosis, the common pathology in multiple disease states.

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