Prominent Metatarsal Heads And Claw Toes

A 65-year-old male patient with longstanding type 2 diabetes attended the outpatient diabetic foot clinic for callus removal and treatment of ulcers on the tip of his second and fifth right toes (Figure 3.27).

On examination, he had bounding pedal pulses, and severe peripheral neuropathy. Metatarsal heads were prominent, and claw toes were present.

Claw toe deformities may cause prominence of metatarsal heads with subsequent f) *

Figure 3.27 Prominent metatarsal heads and claw toes callus formation and ulceration. Ulcers may develop at the tips of the claw toes, since they are abnormally exposed to pressure during walking.

Protective footwear (high toe box and orthotic insoles) was provided to this patient.

Keywords: Claw toes; prominent metatar-sal heads

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