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Diabetes mellitus is a common disease all over the world and its frequency is steadily increasing. The availability of a wide variety of treatment options results in improvement or even normalization of hyperglycemia as well as of the accompanying metabolic disorders. However people with diabetes continue to suffer from the complications of the disease.

Diabetic foot-related problems occur frequently and may have serious consequences. Amputations at different anatomical levels are the most serious of them.

The present Atlas represents a systematic description of the many different foot lesions, which are often seen in diabetic patients. Each figure corresponds to a case treated in our Diabetes Centre at the Athens University Medical School. Our patients are evaluated and treated in collaboration with the Orthopedic Department as well as with other specialists depending upon individual needs. A short text, which follows each illustration, describes the history of the patient, the physical signs observed, the approach to treatment, and is followed by a short comment.

It is hoped that this Atlas will be of assistance, as a reference guide and a teaching instrument, not only to diabetologists and surgeons, but also to all doctors involved in the treatment of diabetic patients. This book may help them not only to recognize and to treat the diabetic foot lesions, but also to prevent them.

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N. Katsilambros

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