The authors of this Atlas would like to express their thanks and gratitude to Elias Bastounis, Professor of Surgery and Christos Liapis, Associate Professor, both of whom are vascular surgeons, as well as to Othon Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor, who is a plastic surgeon and to all the academics in the University of Athens for their help with certain cases in which they are specialists. The help of Constantine Revenas, radiologist and Associate Director in Laiko General Hospital, in the field of ultrasonography is also gratefully acknowledged.

The authors would also like to express their sincere gratitude to nurse Georgia Markou, who is indispensable to the Outpatient Diabetic Foot Clinic, for her meticulous attention to the efficient functioning of the clinic and to the upkeep of patient records.

Thanks are also due the numerous doctors who have assisted the Outpatient Diabetic Foot Clinic either as specialists in infectious diseases or orthopedics or as scholars in the field of diabetes and the diabetic foot.

Atlas of the Diabetic Foot. N. Katsilambros, E. Dounis, P. Tsapogas and N. Tentolouris Copyright © 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

ISBN: 0-471-48673-6

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