Preparations for transfemoral angiography and angioplasty

Patients taking metformin should stop this 2 days before the procedure and restart 2 days after, or when, renal function returns to normal.

Insulin-dependent patients are placed first on the list in outpatient angiography and have their insulin after the procedure is finished.

It is important to keep the patient well hydrated. Pre- and perioperative dopamine is no longer used. Further details of MRA are discussed in Chapters 5 and 6. Angioplasty is possible at several levels of the leg arterial system to obtain straight line flow to the foot. It is indicated for the treatment of isolated or multiple stenoses as well as short segment occlusions less than 10 cm in length in iliac, femoral and tibial arteries.

The use of angioplasty in this way has led to favourable outcomes. Complications are few and trash foot, caused by emboli to the distal circulation, is very rare after distal angioplasty.

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