Partial calcanectomy

Partial calcanectomy is indicated for the surgical management of large non-healing wounds located over the heel, with or without osteomyelitis. These wounds are typically chronic decubitus ulcers located on the posterior aspect of the heel, or neuropathic ulcers on the plantar surface of the heel. Regardless of the aetiology, heel ulcers are often unresponsive to conservative therapy and are frustrating to treat. Partial calcanectomy is a viable alternative to below-knee amputation for these patients, provided that they have adequate distal perfusion. The procedure eradicates infection and achieves wound closure and limb preservation. Patients who are ambulatory before surgery are generally able to resume the same level of function postoperatively. Smith and coworkers proposed the following preoperative criteria for performing a partial calcanectomy:

• Transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcPo2) > 28 mmHg

• Total lymphocyte count of more than 1500.

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