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• Vascular control

• Mechanical control

• Metabolic control

• Educational control.

Microbiological control

The aim of this section is to enable clinicians to make rapid and effective decisions regarding the management of infection in the diabetic neuropathic and neuroischaemic foot, and to control it rapidly.

The key questions that need to be answered for each individual patient with one of the presentations above are as follows:

Fig. 5.16 (a) T1 sequence shows inflammatory mass but normal uptake in dorsum of foot, (b) High uptake in the dorsum on STIR sequence, (c) Collection of fluid on the dorsum (post gadolinium). (With thanks to Dr David Elias and Dr Huw Walters.)

• Which antibiotics should be prescribed?

• Will antibiotics alone control the infection or will surgery also be necessary?

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