How are ulcers caused

Any injury to your feet, no matter how tiny, may lead to an ulcer. If you have neuropathy it is easy to injure your foot without noticing. If you have a poor blood supply to your feet then ulcers can develop for no obvious reason. It is often nobody's fault that you have an ulcer: not yours and not the fault of the last person who treated the foot before you had the ulcer. People with ulcers sometimes feel angry and afraid and look for someone to blame. It is better to avoid these negative feelings.

Many ulcers develop when patches of hard skin or callus on the foot become too thick, or when skin breaks down under a thickened toe nail. Often it is only when the hard skin is removed that the ulcer can be seen. The ulcer is not the fault of the person who removed the hard skin. It was there before. It is nobody's fault.

Other ulcers are due to carelessness. If people with numb feet and a poor blood supply walk barefoot, wear unsuitable shoes or fail to follow foot care advice then they will be very likely to develop ulcers.

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