Dressings and postoperative care

Dressings consist of non-adherent fine mesh gauze (petrolatum, 3% Xeroformâ„¢ or Adapticâ„¢), and a fluffy dry sterile compression gauze bandage, with the hallux splinted in its corrected position. A surgical shoe is dispensed. The patient is instructed to rest at home, remain non-weightbearing and to elevate his feet for 48 h. He is then allowed partial weightbearing in a surgical shoe with crutches or a walker. The first postoperative dressing change is within 1 week. Dressings are changed weekly for 3-4 weeks postoperatively. Sutures are removed in 14-21 days, and the patient is allowed to return to a roomy shoe with a broad toe box in 3-6 weeks.

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