Adaptation of a Zimmer frame

A 54-year-old lady with type 2 diabetes of 2 years' known duration, developed a plantar ulcer over a rockerbottom deformity resulting from a mid-foot Charcot's osteoarthropathy and was admitted to hospital for surgical debridement. The resulting defect measured 6 by 4 cm. She was very anxious to return home without delay. She was given a Zimmer frame and a wheelchair, and discharged home with strict instructions to rest the foot. She arrived at the diabetic foot clinic for her first postdischarge visit with a simple adaptation of the Zimmer frame made by her husband. A plumber, he had used bent copper tubing to support a cushioned plywood shelf on which she rested the knee on the side of the ulcerated foot, so as to ensure that the foot was kept off the ground. When congratulated, he modestly said that he'd only done it so that she could do the washing up!

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