Ali Foster and Mike Edmonds offer special thanks first to their co-author, Lee Sanders, who contributed the chapter on surgical management of the diabetic foot and also cast a critical and helpful eye over the other chapters giving an American perspective. His advice was invaluable.

For sections of the chapter on the management of diabetic major amputees we owe a great deal to Christian Pankhurst and Alan Tanner for details of prosthetic and orthotic management. We are also grateful to Rosalind Ham for sharing a physiotherapist's insights into the special problems faced by high-risk patients who lose a leg.

Lee Sanders would like to recognize the invaluable research assistance provided to him by Barbara E. Deaven, Medical Librarian, and Dorothy Melan, library technician, at VA Medical Center, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA.

We are grateful to other colleagues past and present, including Simon Fraser, Huw Walters, Mary Blundell, Catherine Eaton, Mark Greenhill, Susanna Spencer, Maureen Bates, Melanie Doxford, Sally Wilson, Adora Hatrepal, Maelor Thomas, Mick Morris, John PhilpottHoward, Jim Wade, Andrew Hay, Rob Lewis, AnneMarie Ryan, Irina Mantey, Robert Hill, Rachel Ben-salem, Muriel Buxton-Thomas, Mazin Al-Janabi, Robin Luff, Dawn Hurley, Stephanie Amiel, Daniela Pitei, Anthony du Vivier, Paul Baskerville, Anthony Giddings, Irving Benjamin, Mark Myerson, Paul Sidhu, Joydeep Sinha, Patricia Wallace, Jane Coward, Gillian Cavell, Lesley Boys, Magdi Hanna, Sue Peat, Colin Roberts, David Goss, Colin Deane, Sue Snowdon, Ana Grenfell, Tim Cundy, Pat Ascott, Rose Bosede, Lindis Richards, David Pyke and Peter Watkins for their support and collaboration over many years.

New colleagues and friends of the King's Foot Clinic who have supported us since we wrote Managing the Diabetic Foot include Kate Spicer, Linda Haggis, Debbie Broome, Timothy Jemmott, Michelle Buckley, Rosalind Phelan, Audrey Edmonds, Liz Hampton, Maggie Boase, Maria Back, Avril Witherington, Jane Preece, Stephen Edmonds, Daniel Rajan, Hisham Rashid, Steven Thomas, Nina Petrova, David Elias, Christian Pankhurst, Jim Ashworth-Beaumont, Matthew McShane and Cheryl Clark. The Podiatry Managers and Community Podiatrists from Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham have also contributed greatly to the work of the Foot Clinic at King's over the years.

We thank Yvonne Bartlett, Alex Dionysiou, David Langdon, Lucy Wallace, Sacha Andrews and Barry Pike from the Department of Medical Photography at King's College Hospital, and the late lamented Chelsea School of Chiropody and Barbara Wall for illustrations.

We are particularly grateful to our long-suffering editors, Alison Brown, Rebecca Huxley and Elizabeth Callaghan at Blackwell Publishing Ltd, and to our husband and wives, John Foster, Audrey Edmonds and Debra Sanders, for their patience and understanding.

We refer to patients throughout the book as 'he' simply because more men than women seem to develop diabetic foot ulcers.

This is a practical hands-on manual, uninterrupted by references. At the end of each chapter, we have given a classified reading list which should provide further information for our readers.

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