Incidence of diabetes in patients with CHF

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There is only one study of the incidence of diabetes in a population with CHF outwith clinical trials. In a group of elderly Italians with CHF, the 3-year incidence of new-onset diabetes was 28.8% compared to 18.3% in matched controls without CHF (Amato etal., 1997).

Clinical trials of CHF

Of the patients with CHF in the placebo arm of the CHARM study, 7.4% (n = 202) developed diabetes over a median follow-up of 3.1 years (Yusuf etal., 2005). A single-centre substudy of the SOLVD trial found an incidence of diabetes in the treatment arm of 5.9% (n = 9) over a mean of 2.9 years (Vermes etal., 2003).

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