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• There is news about the diabetes

pill called Rezulin. It may cause liver damage in some persons, and persons who take it should check with their physician. See Chapter 9.

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• There is a another new pill for persons with Type 2 diabetes. Its trade name is Prandin, and it is

designed to be taken before meals. See chapter 9.

• Our translation into Spanish is now complete!

• NOTICE: July 29,1998: The Food and Drug Administration has recalled a SureStep Blood

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A Handbook for Patients with Diabetes and their Families

Glucose Meter. Click here for information.

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This is the third edition of a full length book created for persons with diabetes and their families. It aims to provide trustworthy information in a useful, easy-to-read form. We offer it on line as a service to all persons with diabetes.

This first and second editions of this Handbook were prepared by Ruth E. Lundstrom, R.N./NP C.D.E., M.S. and Aldo A. Rossini, M.D., Professor Medicine and Director of the Division of Diabetes at the Uni

tes versity of Massachusetts Medical School. Editorial assistance was provided by Paul Carlson.

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Printed copies of the second edition are provided free of charge to all patients cared for in the Diabetes

Center of Excellence at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. Spiral bound j. i copies of t he second edition of The Healing Handbook for Persons with Diabetes are also available from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center Bookstore, 55 Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA 01655. The cost is $14.95 per copy plus $5.00 for shipping. (Tel. 50 8-856-3213)

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Revision of the Handbook and preparation of this electronic edition in 1995 was undertaken by John P.

Mordes, M.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, with the invaluable collaboration of Will Manis, Vice-President of Spyglass, Inc. The Spanish translation is being overseen by Jessie A. Block-Galarza, M.D.

Feedback: send e-mail to Dr.

Aldo Rossini

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Feedback: send e-mail to Dr. Aldo Rossini

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University of Massachusetts Medical Center


55 Lake Avenue North

Diabetes Division 55 Lake Avenue North Worcester, MA 01655

Copyright 1995-1999 Ruth E. Lundstrom, R.N., John P. Mordes, M.D., Aldo A. Rossini, M.D. All rights reserved.

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