Teachers, school nurses, and other school personnel need to understand your child's condition. Section 3 just ahead contains a concise overview of diabetes that will help school personnel cope with your child's special needs.

• Make a printout of Section 3 and bring these pages to your child's school nurse or teacher at the beginning of each school year. Your child's teacher will also benefit from specific information about your child's particular diabetes control requirements.

Diabetes and the Family: Pregnancy, Delivery, Parenting, Baby Sitters, Teachers at School

• Fill in a copy of the form following the information pages and give it to your child's teacher at the beginning of each school year.

• Be prepared to answer any other questions the teacher may have about your child's special needs.

• Use copies of the next form to communicate your child's daily blood glucose testing and dietary requirements.

• It's also a good idea to visit or call the school about once a month to see how things are going.

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