Pitfalls for Parents

An overanxious parent creates an overanxious child who is overdependent. By doing everything for your child, you deny him or her the self-control and self-confidence necessary for an independent life.

An overindulgent parent feels dietary restrictions and daily injections are too much for a child to handle. He or she offers special treats while providing little discipline. Children of overindulgent parents may grow up under the impression that they are incompetent -- incapable of coping with their own problems -- which reinforces feelings of inadequacy.

A perfectionist parent may achieve good diabetes management in early childhood through discipline, but there are risks. The child may feel guilty about poor blood sugar test results, and may even alter a result to obtain parental approval. During adolescence, children of perfectionist parents may rebel -- against both their parents and their diabetes care programs.

An indifferent parent may force his or her child to seek attention through rebellion, by "cheating" on the diet, or by skipping insulin injections. Children of indifferent parents may become depressed because of the lack of

Diabetes and the Family: Pregnancy, Delivery, Parenting, Baby Sitters, Teachers at School discipline, support, and supervision in their lives. They also have a higher frequency of hospitalization.

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