Milk List

Choose milk exchanges from the skim and very low-fat, low-fat, and whole-milk lists. Each item is one exchange and contains trace amounts to 8 grams of fat and from 90 to 150 calories. The amount of fat in milk is measured as the percent of butterfat.

Items on the whole-milk list contain much more fat than those on the skim and low-fat lists. Limit your choices from the whole-milk list as much as possible.

Milk is the body's main source of calcium, needed for growth and the repair of bones. Yogurt is also a good calcium source. Yogurt and dry or powdered milk products have different amounts of fat. Check labels for fat and calorie content.

Milk is good to drink and can be added to cereal and other foods. You can make tasty dishes like sugar-free pudding from milk (see the Combination Foods list). Add flavor to plain yogurt by mixing in one of your fruit exchanges.


Skim milk, 1/2% milk, 1% milk, or low-fat buttermilk Evaporated skim milk Dry non-fat milk 1/3 Cup Plain non-fat yogurt 8 oz.

1 Cup 1/2 Cup 1/3 Cup 8 oz.



Plain low-fat yogurt (with added non-fat milk solids)

1 Cup 8 oz.



Whole milk Evaporated whole milk Whole plain yogurt

1 Cup 1/2 Cup 8 oz.

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