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• Optional equipment: a computer and software for analyzing results that are stored in the memory of most new meters.

SMBG Instructions

SMBG instructions vary, depending on the meter or sensor you use. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions for your device.

All SMBG tests require a drop of blood. The side of the tip of the middle or ring finger is usually the most convenient and least painful place to obtain blood, but you can use any finger, or even an earlobe. Using the same finger (or pair of fingers) causes a callus to build up. You'll feel less discomfort but still obtain enough blood for each test.

Here are the steps for obtaining a drop of your blood:

1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry them completely or

Clean the area with alcohol and dry completely.

2. Prick the finger tip with a small, pronged lancet. A spring lancet device gives a quick puncture with less discomfort.

3. Hold your hand down, and milk the finger from the palm towards the tip. If little blood appears, wait a couple seconds and milk again. Do not squeeze close to the puncture.

4. Turn your hand palm down, so that the drop hangs.

5. Catch the drop of blood on the special test strip pad or designated area.

6. Follow the instructions included with your SMBG sensor or meter, and instructions from your diabetes educator, for measuring blood glucose.

7. Record your test result.

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