For People with Insulin Dependent Diabetes

• Carry insulin with you, along with your syringes. U-100 insulin is now available in most countries, but you can never be sure. Insulin need not be refrigerated, but you must protect it from extreme heat or cold. Do not leave your insulin on the dashboard of a hot car. If traveling by plane, have insulin in your carry-on luggage.

• Carry a letter stating you have diabetes and must carry with your insulin syringes and monitoring equipment. This will protect you in case of any questions about your syringes, or in case you lose them and need replacements.

• Always carry fast-acting sugar.

• You may need to adjust insulin or food according to your activity level. Bike riding, hiking, and walking tours burn up a lot of calories. To be safe, check your blood sugar frequently.

• Make sure that traveling companions know the signs of an insulin reaction and how to help your with fast-acting sugars.

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