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To control your Type II diabetes, you need to eat right, stay active, monitor your control, follow your diabetes educator's or doctor's orders, and have regular checkups.

• Eating right helps you control your weight. Weight is the most important factor in Type II diabetes control. Eat healthy foods, and if you are overweight, follow a meal plan to lose weight. For information on nutrition for people with diabetes, see Chapter 6.

• Staying active with exercise burns calories to help you control your weight. Exercise also stimulates insulin functioning to make the insulin your body produces work more effectively. For information on exercise programs for people with diabetes, see Chapter 5.

• Following your diabetes educator's or doctor's ordersmeans sticking to your diet, exercise, and blood glucose monitoring instructions every day. Be sure to take prescribed medications at the correct times.

• At your regular checkups, always have your blood pressure and your feet checked. And have your vision checked at least once a year.

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