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CftntroLlhig TypE I DiabEtes

CftntroLlhig TypE I DiabEtes

To control your diabetes, your health-care provider will prescribe a regimen of insulin injections, diet, and exercise, and you will learn to monitor your blood glucose level.

• Insulin injections are necessary because your body does not produce insulin to funnel glucose into your cells. For information on insulin, see Chapter 8.

• Your diabetes diet Is a well-balanced meal plan that controls the types and amounts of food you eat. For information on the diabetes diet, see Chapter 6.

• Exercise reduces your insulin requirements by increasing the efficiency of the insulin you inject. Exercise also improves muscle tone and increases strength and well being. For information on exercise programs for people with diabetes, see Chapter 7.

• Monitoring your blood glucose provides the information necessary to design your diabetes care program and remain in good control. For information on monitoring, see Chapter 5.

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