Combination Foods

Much of what we eat is mixed together in combination foods t do not fit into any one exchange list. Sometimes it's difficult to know the ingredients in a casserole or baked food item. This exchange list will help you fit combination foods into your meal plan. You can always check with your dietitian for information about any other foods you'd like to eat.

The American Diabetes Association/American Dietetic Association Family Cookbooks and the American Diabetes Association Holiday Cookbook contain many recipes and further information about many foods, including combination foods. Check your library or your local bookstore.

Combination Food



Casserole, homemade

2 medium fat meat 1 fat

Cheese pizza, thin crust

1 medium fat meat 1 fat

Chili with beans (commercial)

1 medium fat meat 1 fat

Chow mein (without noodles or rice

2 vegetable 2 lean meat

Macaroni and cheese

1 medium fat meat

2 fat

Bean soup (cooked)

1 Cup (8 oz.)

1 starch 1 vegetable 1 lean meat

Chunky soup (all varieties)

10 3/4 oz. Can

1 starch 1 vegetable 1 medium fat meat

Cream soup

1 Cup (8 oz.)

1 starch 1 fat

Vegetable soup or broth

1 Cup (8 oz.)

1 starch

Spaghetti and meatballs

1 medium fat meat 1 fat

Sugar-free pudding (made with skim milk)

1/2 Cup

1 starch

Beans used as a meat substitute: Dried beans, peas, or lentils

1 Cup

2 starch 2 lean meat

0 0

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