Balancing Diet Exercise And Insulin

• To keep in balance, you must stick to your meal and exercise plans, maintain your proper weight, and follow your prescribed insulin injection schedule each day. Your daily insulin dosage may be adjusted to your diet, activity level, and weight.

• On days when you exercise more than usual, you need more food to keep in balance.

• On days when if you eat more food than your meal plan allows, you need to increase your insulin dosage or exercise more to stay in balance.

• If you're gaining weight, you may need to increase your insulin dosage to balance the extra weight, or you may need to diet and exercise more to lose that weight. For growing children, the doctor or diabetes educator may adjust insulin to balance normal weight gains.

• If you accidentally inject more insulin than you should one day, you must add extra food to keep in balance. Check your blood glucose every 2-3 hours (see Chapter 5) and eat additional snacks or meals.

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